Power BI

In 2011 Microsoft developed Power BI, a software for data analysis and processing. It makes it possible, among other things, to process data that is incomprehensible to the average employees into data that your team members can read and process. An analysis of the data by the software and various graphs make it easier to integrate the data. Naturally, your data is protected in accordance with strict industry standards certified by Microsoft.

It is also possible to limit access to personal data according to the users. You thus fully manage the data you want to share. Power BI’s servers are hosted by Microsoft, which not only speeds up the analysis of your data, but also speeds up the presentation of the results in accordance with the layout model you choose.

Expertise combined with know-how in innovation and disruptive technologies enables Microsoft to offer you services and solutions that meet the demands of your market while ensuring a sustainable competitive advantage for your company.

Some advantages of Power BI:

  • A uniformly customisable and user-friendly platform of self-service business intelligence
  • Easily connect, model and visualise your data
  • Personalised reports with your KPIs and logo
  • You get fast, AI-powered answers to your business questions, even if you ask them in a spoken language
  • Reports can be automatically created and periodically emailed to specific groups (e.g. a weekly sales report for the sales team)
  • Dynamic reports offer the possibility to zoom in and out in the data (for example you can see figures from European countries, click on France to see the figures by region and from there click to cities, etc.)

If you need support to compile the reports that are relevant to your company, you can contact SME Management Consulting, another company of the VS Invest group.