Microsoft Product

The Microsoft 365 package – originally called Microsoft Office – is undoubtedly Microsoft’s best known product group, including Word, Excel and Outlook. The package is by far the preferred tool for companies because of its exceptional usefulness, constant follow-up by Microsoft, a huge community of users, … This office suite includes much more than the aforementioned tools. OneDrive, the cloud storage space offered by Microsoft, is also part of it, as are licences for business e-mail addresses such as

Microsoft Word
Word allows you to create, edit, view and share files with other users quickly and easily, as well as view and edit Office documents attached to emails. Word goes everywhere with you. Whether you’re a blogger, author, journalist, columnist, student or project manager working on documentation, the application is as convenient as you want it to be. Word introduces a PDF reader and makes it easy to read PDFs. So you can read your PDFs and e-books when you travel, before bed, or in any situation.
Microsoft Excel
With the power of Excel you can create, edit and share files quickly and easily, as well as open and edit workbooks attached to emails. You can perform accounting, auditing, financial management and other tasks anywhere, with anyone, safely. Excel goes everywhere with you and can run the most complex formulas with fabulous functionality.
Microsoft Powerpoint
PowerPoint offers the tools you already know to create, edit, present and share presentations quickly and anywhere. Want to retrieve your latest PowerPoint presentation but you’re out of the office? PowerPoint gives you a quick overview of your recent files so you can access them with any device. When you use multiple versions of the same file in the PowerPoint mobile app, they’re synced across all your devices so you can share and present them anywhere, with confidence. With PowerPoint, Office follows you everywhere.
Microsoft Outlook
Completely redesigned, Outlook lets you do more with a powerful inbox. Immediately identify important messages with the Priority Inbox that displays them first. You can also switch between your messages and your calendar to schedule the next meeting or indicate your availability with a few clicks. Select a document from your file list before easily attaching it to a message.
Microsoft Access
Access is a Microsoft software, used to create a database. … It is possible to use queries in SQL language, for the various requirements in database management with Access. It is also possible to create printable reports, modules or forms.
Microsoft Planner
Create a new schedule, assign tasks to someone on your team or yourself, chat, organize tasks, etc. This is how you structure the cooperation within your company. Organising tasks, sharing files and scheduling has never been easier within your company.

Microsoft Power Automate
Would you like to automate your manual work? With Power Automate you can create your own workflows: so easy and convenient.
Collaborate with your team and encourage teamwork. Thanks to SharePoint you can quickly find all information from anywhere within your organization.
Microsoft Teams
Decide quickly? Collaborate smoothly, even from a distance? Teams brings your team together in a “virtual open space” where you can (video-) chat, meet, share files, etc.
Social media for your company? You can do that via Yammer! Make your business communication stronger by sharing ideas and communicate with your team in a simple, open way.
Microsoft PowerApps
These apps make it possible to create app scenarios that carry out digital transformations: advanced forms, mobile apps to structure processes.

Like the Office package, Windows is one of Microsoft’s most important products. The well-known operating system that many of us work with every day is an indispensable tool for any business. Although the world of operating systems is rapidly changing, Windows remains a reliable asset to any business.

Using Windows makes cloud backup even more effective, thanks to networking with all Gmail and Google Drive applications. A godsend if you’re the kind of person who works offline!
Windows 10 Professionnel
With devices running Windows 10 Pro, IT teams can leverage this cloud to better manage the fleet. … It will also have access to Windows Store for Business, a private application shop managed by the IT department. Simplicity and transparency for the user, control and security for the administrator.
Windows 10 Enterprise
Windows 10 offers several editions, including “Enterprise”, which offers all the features of Windows 10 Pro, with additional features to make it easier for large and medium-sized businesses to manage. These include Windows Defender, which protects endpoints from cyber threats, detects advanced attacks and data breaches, automates security incidents and improves security posture. Windows 10 Enterprise also offers simplicity of deployment and management thanks to various features such as side loading: which allows applications to be deployed internally without being public in the Windows Store. Similarly, mobile device management (MDM) allows you to manage the deployment, security, integration and administration of mobile devices in the enterprise.

Microsoft launched Business Central to meet the demand of SMEs for a modern, customised online ERP-system. Business Central is part of Dynamics 365 and is the successor to Navision, of which only an offline version was available.

What exactly does Business Central offer?

As a collaborative management platform available completely online as a turnkey solution, Business Central offers the essential tools for any business. If you choose Business Central, you choose a modern solution that integrates perfectly with other Microsoft applications and products. Business Central is updated very regularly and Microsoft adds new features every six months. With Business Central you can manage all tasks within the company.
Business Central functionalities
  • Financial management and accounting
  • Supply chain management
  • Project management and planning
  • CRM – Customer Relationship Management
Some Advantage of Business Central
  • Keep all data together in one place
  • On any device and anywhere, you can even work offline via the apps
  • Easy and quick to use
  • You save on the purchase and maintenance of servers because everything is done via the cloud
  • All Connected IT can transfer the old data to the new ERP software

In 2011 Microsoft developed Power BI, a software for data analysis and processing. It makes it possible, among other things, to process data that is incomprehensible to the average employees into data that your team members can read and process. An analysis of the data by the software and various graphs make it easier to integrate the data. Naturally, your data is protected in accordance with strict industry standards certified by Microsoft.

It is also possible to limit access to personal data according to the users. You thus fully manage the data you want to share. Power BI’s servers are hosted by Microsoft, which not only speeds up the analysis of your data, but also speeds up the presentation of the results in accordance with the layout model you choose.

Some advantages of Power BI
  • A uniformly customisable and user-friendly platform of self-service business intelligence
  • Easily connect, model and visualise your data
  • Personalised reports with your KPIs and logo
  • You get fast, AI-powered answers to your business questions, even if you ask them in a spoken language
  • Reports can be automatically created and periodically emailed to specific groups (e.g. a weekly sales report for the sales team)
  • Dynamic reports offer the possibility to zoom in and out in the data (for example you can see figures from European countries, click on France to see the figures by region and from there click to cities, etc.)


icrosoft Azure is an ever-growing set of cloud services designed to help your organisation meet the challenges it faces. It allows you to build, manage and deploy applications on a huge global network using your favorite infrastructures and tools.

Why Azure?

The benefits of Cloud Computing (as we describe below) and the increasing demand for it, has prompted Microsoft to develop their own Cloud solution.
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The benefits of Azure:
  • Azure is future-oriented. Microsoft manages all servers, making it easy to perform updates and offer new functionalities. When the end users still had their own servers in house, the updates were performed much less frequently. As a result, compatibility with new technologies and applications was constantly lagging behind.
  • Azure security is always “up to date”, everywhere and for everyone.
  • Azure does not require any additional investment and the usage costs are minimal.
  • Azure is extremely flexible. Since you work with virtual machines (VM), you can easily adapt your number of servers to your real needs from one day to the next. When an organisation has “real” servers, the installation of new servers (and what is involved) requires the important investments in time and money. Moreover, there is little room for flexibility: either the server park is small and there is a risk of a lack of capacity, or one opts for a larger park and there is a risk of having too many servers in relation to what one will ever use.
  • Azure can be scaled-on-demand so that you pay for what you use.
  • Azure offers you the possibility to process enormous amounts of documentation and data.
  • Azure is extremely reliable: 99.99999% of the time is “operational time”, which means that Azure is almost always ‘available’. As long as one has an internet connection, Microsoft guarantees permanent access to Azure with its reputation and global presence.
  • Strong support is available to users of Azure.
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What can Azure do for you?
  • You can store data on the Cloud. These data are then available from anywhere.
  • You have a virtual machine (VM): it is your computer, but completely on the internet. Azure is particularly practical for running very heavy programs when you do not have a sufficiently powerful computer yourself. Azure is also the solution when one cannot make run his computer 24/7 or for specific applications to work. You also have the option of using a VM as a sandbox or test environment.
  • Azure allows you to manage everything related to your network (DNS, VPN tunnels, …)
  • Active Directory
    • Device management manages all devices of a company. You have the option to see who logs in on which device and determine who may or can work on which device. You also manage the updates (remotely and automatically) and the availability of any program on any computer.
  • Web & mobile Application hosting / management offers the tools and environment to build, test and run applications / sites /…
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Some examples of using Azure
  • Financial services
Azure’s innovative cloud solutions transform the customer experience and optimise risk management. Azure also simplifies compliance and allows use of cloud resources to expand on-premises capacity on demand.
  • The authorities
Thanks to Azure, people innovate quickly, increase efficiency and improve service to citizens while enjoying world-class security.
  • Retail
Thanks to Azure, they design an original and simple shopping experience in which the factors that influence the behaviour of the buyers are traced. The platform is intelligent, reliable and secure so that it optimises retail activities.
  • The manufacturing industry
A company striving for modernisation must align its activities with the needs of its customers. Thanks to the industrial “internet of things” (IoT) and Microsoft Azure, people gain insight and work interactively. This will enable us to respond quickly to customer feedback and market trends.

Exclaimer Product

Exclaimer Signature for Microsoft 365 :Easily design, distribute and manage your employees’ email signatures, whether they’re emailing from a PC, Mac or mobile device.

Exclaimer Cloud – Signatures for G Suite is the perfect tool for centrally managing email signatures via G Suite.

Why Exclaimer cloud?
  • Consistent brand image: You can secure your corporate identity and immediately relieve the IT department
  • From any device: from any (mobile) internet device – Exclaimer Cloud always add the right email signature
  • Flexible: Create different signatures for internal/external use, different departments, pitches, language areas or specific employees. It’s also possible to create a separate signature for a reply message
  • Marketing channel: Add a banner to draw attention to for example an event or commercial action and provide it with a start and end date
  • Legal certainty: Comply with all laws and regulations and provide emails with the correct legal disclaimer.
Why Exclaimer cloud?
  • This way you can assign different signatures per user depending on, for example, department or business
  • Adding elements such as promotional banners, legal disclaimers or social media icons is child’s play with the intuitive editor
  • Banners can be provided with a start and end time to draw attention, for example, to temporary actions or events
  • It doesn’t matter if your people send e-mails with a smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac; all emails are provided with their own professional signature.

Exclaimer Signature for Exchange: Add signatures to all emails processed by your own Exchange server. The main advantage of the Exchange Edition is that it works regardless of which device the email is sent from, including smartphones and automated systems such as your own CRM system. Employees can’ t adjust their signatures themselves or see when they create an email.

Exclaimer Signature for Outlook: Provide employees with professional email signatures, a clean corporate identity and the correct legal disclaimer, in all current versions of Outlook since 2003. One click from a workstation, and every staff member receives the correct email signature in his or her Outlook client, with automatically filled in contact details from the Active Directory.

Why Exchange Edition?
  • Consistent signatures on all your emails with automatically entered data such as name, department and job title
  • Design the perfect signature with logos, legal disclaimers, marketing banners, links to social media and much more
  • Vary email signatures for different teams and departments
  • Professional HTML signatures under all your emails, also sent from mobile devices (iPhone, Blackberry, Android devices, iPad etc.)
  • Update and distribute any signature in your organization with a single click via Exchange
  • Employees don’t have to do anything to get a new email signature.
Why Outlook Edition?
  • Allows email signatures to be distributed directly to an end user’s Outlook client
  • Combine static text with images and dynamic data to create effective email signatures for Outlook
  • Create rules based on the user attributes in the Active Directory (AD) where you assign different teams different email signatures
  • Install it on any Windows machine in your network, e.g. on a PC in the marketing department
  • Let users choose their Outlook signature while typing a message. Give users multiple email signatures so they can choose from a selection of assigned signatures from a drop-down menu in Outlook
  • Add advertising banners and social media icons so you can use your email signatures as an additional marketing channel
  • Manage the font and format of all email signatures.

Auto Responder :Combine static text, images and automatically completed dynamic fields to compile your automatic answer. Then, you define the conditions for activation of the response, for example, only for emails from a specific address or members of a specific group. Finally, save the answer and you’re done.

Template Editor : Create signature templates with plain text, images and dynamic fields for use in Signature Manager Exchange Edition, Outlook Edition and Exclaimer Auto Responder. The marketing team can edit the email signatures directly in your template library without having to export and import them and apply the changes immediately to the product. You get the same powerful and intuitive editing features from our server products, but from any PC.

With Exclaimer Outlook Photos you can import staff photos into Active Directory. This way, you can give all employees a photo in the Outlook People pane.

Why Exclaimer Auto Responder?
  • You can define exactly when our auto-response software for Exchange must take action
  • You can create rules based on message characteristics. You can use the sender’s or receiver’s email address or any specific features you have defined
  • You combine rules with an answer template to create a policy. Then you can set options for the policy
  • You can create as many policy guidelines as you like, and you can even specify the periods in which these guidelines apply. You get absolute control.
It’s as simple as that:
  • Add dynamic fields for contact details that are automatically completed for each user
  • Add images, links and dynamic content. Show an RSS feed, links to social media and more
  • Add static text and manage the layout: choose the font, the font size and color
  • The marketing team can edit signatures directly in the product without having to import and export them.

Why Exclaimer Outlook Photos?
  • You can import staff photos into Active Directory features such as thumbnailPhoto and jpegPhoto. For example, you can provide all employees with a photo in Outlook, SharePoint and Microsoft Lync
  • Photos are automatically linked to names or other data in the Active Directory so you don’t have to worry about them. And even if your photos don’t have clearly recognizable names, it’s a trick using the import wizard
  • Don’t worry if your photos aren’t the right size: they’ll automatically be cropped and centered. We’ll even convert them into black and white if you prefer
  • And it’s not just about importing the photos. With the intuitive interface, you can browse through all the staff photos and filter them on different containers in your AD, so you won’t be overwhelmed when working in a large organization. Multiple domains are also handled excellently.
Why Exclaimer Eail Alias Manager?
  • You own or represent several companies
  • Your company has just merged with another company
  • Your company is active in several countries
  • You have different roles or multiple positions
  • You send emails on behalf of several people for business reasons
  • Key employees are shared by organizations such as a control room or joint IT support.

Exclaimer Mail Archiver is a great solution for email archiving via Microsoft Exchange. It offers all the business and compliance benefits of email archiving, but without the usual installation and operating costs.

Exclaimer Email Alias Manager for Exchange is the powerful and easy to manage way to use different email addresses with one Exchange mailbox.
Why Exclaimer Mail Archiver ?
  • 60% cheaper than competitors
  • No SQL server required
  • Store on many different types of hardware with different specifications
  • No more PST files needed
  • Quick end-user search
  • Ensure legal compliance.

Web development services

Today, almost every company has an online presence of some kind. This can range from a simple virtual business card to a mega online shop. In order to provide companies with an affordable yet reliable website, we set up a structure that allows you, as a non-IT specialist, to work with ease on the content of your personalised website.

Define your needs and the objective you wish to achieve to choose your type of site. Choose a template and a structure according to the content you want to highlight. Determine the style – atmosphere, colours, graphic elements (logo) – in your image. While we are setting up the structural elements, you can prepare the content of the site – i.e. the texts and images – and integrate them independently after a brief introduction.

Define your needs and the goals you want to achieve with your online business to define the structure of the site.

Determine the style – atmosphere, colours, graphic elements (logo) – in your image.

While we are setting up the structural elements, you can prepare the content of the site – i.e. the catalogue, the texts and images, the process – to integrate them independently after a brief introduction.