Project genesis

The philosophy of All Connected IT was born out of an unmet need. Not only do we have it, but we also recognise it in our customers.

We are all looking for practical and accessible IT solutions that simply do what is expected of them while respecting our entrepreneurial vision.

The problem then with entrepreneurs, we tend to look even beyond that point. This led to creating this company, keeping in mind our philosophy, that we categorise in 4 core values:

All Connected IT - IT for business

One of our core values -being even the cornerstone to our approach -is that IT is supposed to serve the business.. We don’t believe in pushing solutions in companies, and then have the company adapt to fit the workings of the software. Too often systems fail because aside of not answering a need, they greatly modify processes without giving the users the feeling of improvement. Solutions imply problems to solve, meaning if there’s no problem, there’s no need for a solution.

All Connected IT - An IT solution does not undermine the business vision

When you buy a solution, you expect it to make your life easier. Whether it’s automating processes, improving data collection and analysis or giving you better control over your business.

This does not necessarily mean that your approach is wrong or should change. It is when the proposed solution forces you to rethink your system and the way you work, that you should ask yourself whether the proposed solution is right.

All Connected IT - An Interconnected Whole Vision

As business planners, we know that there is no such thing as a company that is just the addition of several standalone blocs. A company is more like a body, with different interconnected departments and aspects, that need coordinating. This should translate in IT solutions as well: each department has a set of needs, and we approach problems in a way that can either solve all the needs, or find a set of solutions that can be combined and work together.

Logo Vs Invest Vertical

With our global vision of entrepreneurship in mind, we strive to provide our clients with the most comprehensive service offering possible. Our expertise in other areas such as accounting, management and organisation leads to understanding and mastering a holistic approach. Understanding the needs of others and being able to translate them into systems gives us a head start in finding the right solution for your situation.