Provide employees with professional email signatures, a clean corporate identity and the correct legal disclaimer, in all current versions of Outlook since 2003. One click from a workstation, and every staff member receives the correct email signature in his or her Outlook client, with automatically filled in contact details from the Active Directory.

Why Outlook Edition?

  • Allows email signatures to be distributed directly to an end user’s Outlook client
  • Combine static text with images and dynamic data to create effective email signatures for Outlook
  • Create rules based on the user attributes in the Active Directory (AD) where you assign different teams different email signatures
  • Install it on any Windows machine in your network, e.g. on a PC in the marketing department
  • Let users choose their Outlook signature while typing a message. Give users multiple email signatures so they can choose from a selection of assigned signatures from a drop-down menu in Outlook
  • Add advertising banners and social media icons so you can use your email signatures as an additional marketing channel
  • Manage the font and format of all email signatures.