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Our philosophy

The AC-IT philosophy was born out of an unmet need, not only for ourselves but also for our clients. We are all looking for practical and accessible IT solutions that simply do what is expected of them, in line with our entrepreneurial vision.

Guided by the vision of true entrepreneurs and financial service providers, we founded AC-IT around these core values:

Our proposals

MICROSOFT – Professional licences

The office suite

The Microsoft 365 package – originally called Microsoft Office – is undoubtedly Microsoft’s best-known product group.
It includes Word, Excel and Outlook, among others. The package is by far the most popular tool for businesses thanks to its exceptional usability, constant monitoring by Microsoft, a huge user community, …


Like the Office package, Windows is one of Microsoft’s most important products. The well-known operating system that many of us work with on a daily basis is an indispensable tool for any company. While the world of operating systems is changing rapidly, Windows remains a reliable asset for any company.

Business Central

As a fully online and ready-to-use collaborative management platform, Business Central offers the essential tools for any business. If you choose Business Central, you are choosing a modern solution that integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft applications and products. Business Central is updated very regularly and Microsoft adds new features every six months. With Business Central you can manage all tasks within the company.

Power BI

Data analysis and processing software. Among other things, it allows you to transform data that is incomprehensible to most employees into data that your team members can read and process. Data analysis by the software and various graphics facilitate the integration of the data. Naturally, your data is protected in accordance with strict industry standards, certified by Microsoft.


Microsoft Azure is an ever-growing set of cloud services designed to help your organisation meet the challenges it faces. It allows you to build, manage and deploy applications across a huge global network using your favourite infrastructure and tools.

EXCLAIMER products

Cloud Signatures

Microsoft 365 : Easily design, distribute and manage email signatures for your employees, whether they are sending email from a PC, Mac or mobile device.

Signature Manager

Exchange: Add signatures to all emails processed by your own Exchange or Outlook server. The main advantage of the Exchange edition is that it works on any device from which the email is sent, including smartphones and automated systems such as your own CRM system.

Mail Manager

Auto Responder : Combine static text, images and automatically filled dynamic fields to compose your automatic response. You then determine the conditions for activating the response. Finally, save the response and you’re done.

Mail Archiver

Exclaimer Mail Archiver for email archiving via Microsoft Exchange is an excellent solution. It offers all the benefits of business and compliance email archiving without the usual installation and operational costs.

Web development services

Website design

Today, almost every company has an online presence of some kind. This can range from a simple virtual business card to a mega online shop. In order to offer companies an affordable, yet reliable website. We set up a structure that allows you, as a non-computer specialist, to work with ease on the content of your personalised website.

Web development

To respond to specific needs, we design web applications such as :

Form’App, a tool for individual coaching and training

Sepa’Pay, a tool for efficient collection of your invoices

Nos partners

Finding the right partners to help you achieve your goals is our challenge. Because they support us in providing you with the right solutions for your needs, we trust :

All Connected IT- Logo microsoft

Microsoft, best known for its Windows operating systems and Office suite, is still one of the world’s leading software developers.

As a member of the Microsoft Partner Network, we sell a range of professional licences to businesses, non-profit organisations and educational institutions.

We are an official partner of Pax8, which means that we can supply you with many products to make your business life easier.

All Connected IT- Logo exclaimer Partner

Since its foundation in 2001, Exclaimer has delivered robust products that connect directly to Google and Microsoft technologies, including Outlook, Office 365, Exchange and G Suite.

These include their email signing software, next generation email archiving, advanced inbound email autoresponder system, business spam management, email image analysis technology, etc.

All Connected IT sells professional licences through its own application, Connect’App, which, among other things, simplifies the management of your Microsoft environment.